New Ownership - New Era

Posted by Paul Nickerson on

Our colleagues at ongo have handed over the Choose to Reuse service to PHASE. We would like to thank and recognise ongo for their dedication in setting up and running what has been such a popular service.

We're PHASE, we're a local not-for-profit organisation that supports vulnerable young people in the local area. This includes care leavers, homeless young people and child refugees who have arrived in the UK with no parents or guardians.  Our social mission is to help these young people live independently, a make a positive start to adult life and a valuable contribution to society. 

For more about PHASE see our website 

What's changed?

PHASE now run the Choose to Reuse service. 

Will prices change?

No. Our pricing policy will stay the same as ongo's and we will be working on a 100% not for profit basis. 

Can I still donate items? 

Yes, please see our donate page for details or call 01724 840230. 

Has the shop moved, where can I view products? 

Yes, our shop is now located at the PHASE warehouse 31 Midland Road, Scunthorpe. 

Will you sell more things?

Yes. Our plan is to expand the service and increase the stock available to meet the high demand. One of the benefits of PHASE running the service is that we have a large warehouse where people can browse and buy stock. 

Can I still buy online? 

Yes. You can buy online. However, to cope with the change-over our website will be browsing only for the first few weeks. 

Who can I call about a product? 

Please call PHASE on 01724 840230 if you want to but a product or if you have an issue with a product you previously purchases. 

Got further questions? Give us a call or email